About Us

Garcia Group LLC was created to offer nutritional products that may contribute to a healthy life and overall wellbeing. Luis Fernando and Juliana Garcia are co-founders of Garcia Group LLC. Together, they jumped at the opportunity to bring RPC Multivitamin to health-conscious people in the United States.

Luis Garcia is a Medical Doctor who has been licensed to practice medicine in Colombia since 2005. He specializes in complementary and alternative medicine. Colombia is also where RPC Multivitamin was developed and where Luis saw first-hand, over the course of many years, the numerous health benefits the product offers.

Juliana Garcia is an ecologist who gained experience in business administration while running her family’s business in Bogotá, Colombia, for more than 6 years. The company grows and exports millions of roses a year to the United States. She left the business to come to the United States to work with RPC Multivitamin.

Garcia Group LLC is the exclusive importer and distributor in the United States of RPC Multivitamin dietary supplement liquid. Laboratorios Lister S. A.  manufactures RPC Multivitamin in Colombia under current Good Manufacturing Practice standards and International ISO-9001 certification standards. In addition, Laboratorios Lister S. A. is nationally certified by INVIMA (National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance) and is registered with the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). Colombia is in the southern hemisphere, where the manufacturing is safe from northern hemisphere radiation contamination.

RPC Multivitamin offers several health benefits including helping to support immune function and sustain normal metabolism.* It also helps to inactivate free radicals and support the immune system.* This liquid multivitamin is high in antioxidant vitamins C and E.

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